Kit pour des boucles sans chaleur (cheveux lisses/ondulés) - POP MY CURLS PARIS

Kit for curls without heat (straight/wavy hair)

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Ideal for straight to wavy hair.

For a night out or a big event, get curls without having to use heat.

The Box contains:

  • 1 satin headband - 100cm X 3cm
  • 2 satin elastics
  • A clip to hold the headband
  • A Centifolia detangling lotion to moisten your hair, raspberry vinegar will make it shine / Contains Aloe Vera to moisturize it.

Tips for using PopMyCurls:

- Moisten your hair (ideal after the shower)
- Apply Les Secrets de Lolys hair jelly
- Place the headband on your head and hold it with the clip (see image below) then roll up each strand and secure with the satin elastics provided.