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Hello Curlista/to!

I am Katia, the founder of PopMyCurls Paris. I'm glad to see that you're taking the time to learn a little more about the concept.

My biggest problem when I came back from New York in 2017 (where I had the chance to have spent 5 wonderful years there) was to find effective products adapted to my curly hair while following the Curly hair Method that I had learned in New York outside I could not find any product that suited me in the corner stores, I was always wasting my time doing research online to make my orders on several sites.

The Box concept, which I already knew from the USA, seemed to me to be the ideal solution to fill this gap, especially during the confinement in February 2020 when everything was closed.

So I started my research because I wanted the composition of the products I was going to offer and the quality to be optimal, I also wanted to know more about the problems of other Curlys to serve them better.

So I contacted brands in France and all over the world to test and validate the products that were going to make up my 1st Boxes. I then contacted my Curly friends to get their opinion.

Thanks to an Ulule campaign, I was able to raise funds to start the adventure and thus create my 1st PopMyCurls Box for adults, children and babies.
People from all over France, Belgium, overseas territories believed in the project and helped me get started. Many thanks, if you are part of it!

What I love about the PopMyCurls Boxes is being able to enhance the hair of thousands of people from all over the world, borders no longer exist online and giving them the tools to finally assume what nature offered them, their beautiful curls!

The Box concept also allows you to have fun and pamper yourself every 2 months, it's a gift we give ourselves and which does us good!

The economy by subscribing is not negligible. Instead of paying for a complete routine at more than 100 euros, you only paid 49.90€ every 2 months.

The Box/Kit PopMyCurls allow you to build your hair routine with ease, while discovering new brands. The Boxes are customizable which makes all the difference with the other Boxes available on the market.

Of course, the routines are suitable for women and men, some products can also be used on children, although Boxes for children exist.

Katia B. CEO Pop My Curls B

 Pop My Curls Paris, La BOX is:

  • It's a complete, Healthy & Effective routine! (+95% natural ingredients).
  • This is a considerable time saver.
  • It is a home delivery or Relay point.
  • It's a multi-brand and CUSTOMIZABLE box!
  • It's saving money. (more than 30€/ Box).
  • It's discovering new brands French and International.
  • It's advice and speakers to support you.
  • It's 10% discount on the entire site for subscribers.
  • A surprise PREMIUM accessory!

+An explanatory booklet with a QR code to follow your routine in detail.

Don't forget to complete the Hair Quiz which will allow us to better meet your needs by offering you products that suit your problem.

The best way to take care of your hair with quality products, to save money is now with Pop My Curls Paris!
Pop Your Curls, Pop Your Life!

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  • J’adore le concept!! Félicitations, c’est une très bonne idée! Je fais pas mal d’économie et je découvre tous les 2 mois des marques. Mais surtout j’arrive enfin à prendre soin de mes cheveux bouclés sans problème!


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