Directions for use for curly/frizzy hair Box #7

Hello Curlista, Curlistos,

Now that you have received your PopMyCurls Paris en Provence #7 box, be reassured, we will accompany you for the use of your new routine.
Here are the steps to follow for a successful hair routine:

STEP 1: WASHING with mild shampoo propolia with Honey and Bamboo Marrow

Usage tips :

Place a hazelnut on the already wet scalp.
Gently massage the scalp and rinse thoroughly with clear water.

ENJOY A MOMENT OF CRANIAL MASSAGE WITH THE SILICONE BRUSH that you should have already received.


Usage tips:

On hair wet, slide directly on the lengths or rub in the hands then apply the cream obtained on the lengths . Let to pose one minute then rinse .

You can also leave it on without rinsing to keep the nourishing side of oat butter and linseed oil.

Storage of solid conditioner

Rest your solid conditioner avoiding leaving it in contact with water so that it does not melt prematurely. For example, you can put it on the soap dish or somewhere in your shower where it can dry.

Frequency of use

the care can be used during each shampoo or from time to time in order to bring a care more feeding to your hair .

Or Step 2: Conditioner from the new French brand LA BOUCLETTE.

3-in-1 treatment: Mask, Conditioner and Leave-in treatment.
Usage tips:
As a mask: Before your shampoo, leave on damp hair for 10 minutes so that the mask penetrates the hair fiber well.

As a conditioner: On towel-dried hair, apply a generous amount to the lengths and ends. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes then rinse.

Leave-in treatment: Apply a generous amount to the lengths and ends either on damp hair after your routine or on damp hair to refresh your curls.

You can also do Twists-out after applying it as a leave-in treatment.

It is ideal for frizzy hair because it directly penetrates the hair fiber and instantly nourishes it. Your hair will be soft, shiny and nourished for the long term.

+ The detangling comb hanger: Do not hesitate at this time to take your comb with wide teeth to detangle and separate the curls.

Step 3: Hydrate and nourish your hair with Kalia Nature Hibiscus Hair Milk.

Apply the hair milk on damp hair in small quantities and by section, help yourself with the red clips then apply your hair jelly.

- Apply the jelly to damp hair in small amounts and in sections.
- Scrunch upside down to form your curls, you can use a microfiber towel to remove excess product.
- Leave to dry in the open air or with a diffuser.

You can also do finger coils, Twist-out or Vanilla with the jelly to better define your curls.

The Surprise accessory: The detangling comb hangs.

Very convenient to hang it on the wall or on the bathroom rack.

Its wide teeth are ideal for detangling while gently separating the curls when you go to apply your conditioner.

It is unbreakable unlike wooden combs.

or The 3 TONI&GUY Alligator clips which are suitable for textured and thick hair.

Alligator clip pliers

1. To help you make sections for your oil baths or to apply your styling products.

Separate your hair into 3 sections with a comb and then secure your sections with the clips.

2.To help you get more volume.

Before drying your hair with the diffuser and to loosen the roots of the scalp, put the clips on the front of the head and dry.

3. To tie up your hair during your MakeUp.

If you have bangs you can free your forehead with the clips.

Each of the brands that you have discovered in this box have a complete routine. Pop My Curls Paris gives you the opportunity to discover different brands and their products so that you can get an idea of ​​the products you will keep afterwards.
This hair routine was thought and designed by Pop My Curls Paris and other Curlistas.