Know your porosity

Knowing your porosity allows you to know which types of products are best for you. What are the products to avoid and this will answer the questions you ask yourself: Why is my hair always too dry?

Cider Vinegar = Acid PH which is close to the natural PH of the hair.

Low porosity = The scales are closed, it is difficult to moisturize our hair because the natural scales of the hair dam bottom.

What should be done in this case?

Use heat to make your treatment penetrate. Heated helmet, satin bonnet, scarf.

To avoid :

  • Apple Cider Vinegar and final rinse with cold water.
  • The aloe vera.
  • Protein care (for hair with high porosity).

High porosity = The hair absorbs a lot of water.

Utilize :

Apple cider vinegar to close the scales. 
Promote protein care
The aloe vera.

To avoid :

Heating devices

Namely: The shampoo opens the scales to wash the hair thoroughly.
the pH of the shampoo is Alkaline, which promotes the opening of the hair scales.
Use a conditioner that will close the scales (hair cuticles).

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