5 tips to maintain your beautiful curls in Autumn!

And here we are, autumn knocking on our doors without warning us, -10 degrees, rain, wind... Yet we were so good in summer!

As Curlista, we need to adjust our hair routine in order to cope with the change in temperature, reduce frizz and thus keep our beautiful curls healthy all season long.

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During this season your curls are more likely to be dry due to the change in temperature, take this opportunity to maintain your length and focus on growing your hair (if that's one of your goals).

1. Keep your curls hydrated and protected with vegetable oils by doing a "Pre-Poo/Avant-Shampoo" oil bath

I like to create a mixture with olive oil, 2 drops of peppermint essential oil (prohibited for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children) coconut and castor oil and warm it for 30 60 seconds in the microwave. Then, massage it directly onto your scalp.
I do this for 5-10 minutes and then continue with my washing routine.

If you have thick hair, choose Coconut/Prickly Pear oil for your mixtures.
If you have finer hair, virgin coconut oil will do the trick.

2/ It's time to cut the tips!

The ends of your curls are usually exposed to all the nasty elements during the colder months. If you notice that the ends are starting to split or seem a bit dry, now is the time to cut at least 2 cm "leave to better come back" :-)
If you live in the Paris region, I advise you to make an appointment with a hairdresser specializing in textured hair like Anissa at Salon HairStudioByAnissa .

Hair salon studio by Anissa

3/ Use sulfate-free shampoos.

Shampoos that contain sodium laureth sulfate are also loaded with silicones, an explosive combination that destroys hair. fibrany Silicones serve as a shiny sheath and hide the harmful effects of sulphates which, in the long term, suffocate and make the hair split.

If you start your transition and opt for a shampoo without sulfates (and without silicones at the same time), you may find that your hair looks less beautiful than before. More rebellious, flatter, oilier, less shiny… For the first few days, the quality of your hair may be visually impaired. Patience ! Accustomed to undergoing a lot of modifications, your hair must take its marks and let itself be tamed by the gentle composition of your gentle PROPOLIA shampoo, for example, received in your Pop My Curls Paris box.

4/ Make protein treatments according to your needs!

These masks are often called "restructuring", "repairing" or simply "protein" masks.
Hair that is bleached, limp/thin, brittle, damaged by excess heat or sun will benefit from protein-based products. Soy, silk, oat or wheat proteins can come to the rescue of damaged and brittle hair. Their proteins help to fill the gaps in the surface of the fiber, to coat the hair in a protective film and to smooth the cuticle.

"The hair fiber is mainly composed of a protein called keratin which gives it its strength and structure.
Proteins have the ability to attract and retain water molecules; which makes it an excellent humectant"

Attention, it is recommended to do a deep moisturizing treatment once a week, protein treatments can only be done once a month or even every 6 weeks.

Do not hesitate to experiment, there is no exact science and all curls are different, it is by testing that you will know what suits your hair best.

Curly and frizzy hair fans of home care especially love the following protein ingredients (ranked by popularity):

1/ Eggs/mayonnaise
2/ Yogurt (especially Greek) / fresh cream
3/ Coconut milk
4/ The lawyer
5/ The banana
6/ Gelatin

5/ Before sleeping, try the "pineapple/pineapple hairstyle" to keep your curls as defined as possible overnight.

I recommend a big scrunchie to tie your hair up, but don't over-tighten, just gather your hair above your head like a pineapple and if you're not already sleeping on a satin pillowcase, it's time to take the plunge, these ultra-smooth pillowcases are proven to reduce frizz overnight, in fact your hair will not stick to your pillow and your curls will retain their original shape as much as possible.

Last Tips: Stay hydrated,
drink plenty of mineral water,
eat healthy and be happy,
your beautiful hair will thank you! <3

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Katia B - Founder of Pop My Curls Paris.

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