Here are the steps for using your personalized routine in detail BOX#4

Amelie & Ophelie

Step 1: Washing with Shaeri Shampoo
With prickly pear oil and avocado oil.

Usage tips :

Once a week, place a sufficient amount in the palm of your hand and MASSAGE your scalp ONLY to get rid of all impurities.
Shaeri's Prickly Pear shampoo regenerates and strengthens curls as soon as you wash, thanks to the natural benefits of organic Prickly Pear seed oil and Avocado oil.

The Pink Paradise conditioner detangles all types of curls very well.
Composition :
  • Vegetable jojoba oil revitalizes and shines the lengths.
  • Sweet almond vegetable oil softens and facilitates detangling.
  • Aloe vera brings all the necessary hydration to the hair.
  • Provitamin B5 is a fortifying, sheathing and repairing active ingredient. It makes hair shiny, supple and easy to comb.
  • Glycerin helps retain moisture in the hair fiber.

Usage tips :
  • Do 2 or 4 sections
  • Apply the conditioner to your lengths, detangle with your fingers then use a detangling brush to finish.
  • Finally rinse thoroughly.

The Kalia Nature Mask with coconut oil and Spirulina is an ideal deep treatment to strengthen the hair.

Be careful not to abuse it. And yes, protein is good in small doses. A maintenance protein treatment once every 4 to 6 weeks is sufficient.

The proteins will fill the gaps in the hair fiber, strengthen, maintain its elasticity, fight against breakage and maintain the balance between hydration and protein (in the hair).


  • Coconut oil: rich in lauric acid, it deeply penetrates the hair fiber, nourishes and repairs weakened hair.
  • Spirulina: thanks to its exceptional nutrient content, it supports keratin synthesis, strengthens hair and accelerates hair growth.

Usage tips:

Fine hair: BEFORE shampooing (wet your hair before application).
Thick hair: AFTER shampooing.

  • Divide your hair into four sections.
  • Take a small dab of product and distribute it over the sections from root to tip.
  • Leave to rest for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Then rinse thoroughly.

    Magic Twist Nourishing Cream Les Secrets de Lolys.

    This butter-like cream will intensely nourish your hair. With its cocktail of soybean, macadamia and sweet almond oils, the Magic Twist has real softening nutritional power and will not leave a greasy finish.
    Be careful though for fine hair, you will have to use it sparingly.
    Directions for use: 1x per week only.

    • Either as a mask BEFORE your shampoo "it will act as an oil bath"
    • Either when washing, once a week when styling and on towel-dried hair.
    • Apply it on dry or damp hair: on the lengths only.
    • Seal with a Gel and that's it.

    Tell me what works best for you. Experiment until you find the right combination for your hair.

    Kalia Nature Hair Jelly with Honey and Inulin, ideal for sealing in moisture, gently taming frizz and flyaways.


    • Panthenol: also called vitamin B5, it sheaths and strengthens brittle hair, without attacking the scalp.
    • Inulin: excellent moisturizing agent, it smoothes and softens the hair.
    • Honey: a wonderful humectant, this precious flower nectar infuses the hair with vitamins, minerals and trace elements while retaining water in the heart of the hair fibre.

    Usage tips:

    • On towel-dried hair, apply a small amount of jelly to the lengths then "SCRUNCHER" to lift the curls.
    • You can also perform the FINGER COILS at this time to better define your curls.
    • Dry with your super soft microfiber towel or use a diffuser. (frizz may form after the diffuser and once the hair is totally dry, don't panic, run a small amount of jojoba or broccoli oil over your frizz and SCRUNCHER again).

    The PopMyCurls Paris microfiber towel!

    Sorry the composition label did not arrive on time, here is how to maintain it.

    Composition :
     80% polyester, 20% nylon

    Machine wash at 30 degrees.
    Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

    Size: 25x65cm

    How to use it :

    bamboo sponge hair dryer towel

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