What is the difference between Hydrate and Nourish your hair?

If you are new to the Curly Hair adventure you will surely wonder, what is the difference between hydration and hair nutrition.
It's a good start because the care to be given to malnourished hair is not the same as for dehydrated hair.

HYDRATION = WATER, your hair is thirsty too!

Just like your body, which needs to be hydrated regularly, your hair needs to drink to keep its shape (or the curl ;-)).
Indeed, your curls will be better defined and plumped thanks to good hydration. Your hair will also be shinier.

A dehydrated hair is a hair that often has a high porosity, ie which has the scales open and which therefore has difficulty retaining water. It tends to be very sensitive to humid air (it swells, has a frothy effect).

NUTRITION = eating to be stronger and more robust

Undernourished hair is often associated with a scalp that is a little reluctant to produce sebum, which is normally there to nourish the length.
When there is a deficiency in nutrition, it is often the heart of the hair that is weakened, hence the problems of weakened hair, therefore brittle and split ends.
By nourishing your hair, you make it stronger and therefore less brittle and thus reduce split ends.

What products/ingredients should you use to nourish and hydrate your hair?

To feed :

Vegetable oils (Castor, Avocado, Argan Coconut, Olive, Sweet Almond, etc.) and vegetable butters (Shea, for example) are nourishing natural active ingredients.

To Hydrate :

Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizing active ingredient.
Linseed Gel is a natural moisturizing active ingredient.
vegetable glycerin,
Floral waters

The new November BOX has been designed to deeply hydrate and nourish your frizzy, curly or frizzy hair with:

SHAERI natural moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating shampoo for dry, curly and frizzy hair, with organic prickly pear seed oil and avocado oil.

KALIA NATURE Sapote Oil Conditioner which will intensely moisturize and nourish the hair while fortifying it. Sapote oil will allow the stimulation of the scalp therefore the growth, it will allow the hair to regenerate.

KALIA NATURE 's Hibiscus Cream
is a nourishing and moisturizing treatment. Its creamy appearance will allow gentle detangling of frizzy to curly hair.

To avoid hair dehydration, you can use LES SECRET DE LOLY 's hair jelly boost curl , which is mainly made of water. This advantage allows it to provide your curls with the necessary hydration until your next shampoo. Your curls are defined and strong without being weighed down. 

The CENTIFOLIA organic leave-in detangling & moisturizing lotion detangles and brings shine and suppleness to the hair.
main assets:
- Raspberry vinegar, obtained from organic raspberries, which contributes to bringing suppleness and shine to the hair.
- Organic Aloe vera juice known for its moisturizing properties.
- Lactic acid, used for its very good affinity with the hair, gives it shine.

Good hair routine!
Pop Your Curls, Pop Your Life!

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