SUMMER BOX POPMYCURLS PARIS - Curly/frizzy hair routine.

100% French natural brands to take care of your beautiful curls!

How to use your hair routine?
Here are the tips for using POPMYCURLS PARIS.


It gently detoxifies the scalp.
This care alone replaces a shampoo and a conditioner.

Usage tips:
Aloe Vera pulp, rich in vitamins A, B6 and B9, boosts the micro-circulation of the scalp. Fleur de sel dissolves quickly and gently exfoliates, and lemon essential oil tones and purifies the skin and scalp. Apply Scrub Detox every 15 days instead of your usual shampoo, line by line, massage in then rinse. The scalp is purified and hydrated, for healthy and shiny hair.
The little extra: It can also be used to exfoliate the body!

Step 2: Conditioner from the new French brand LA BOUCLETTE.

3-in-1 treatment: Mask, Conditioner and Leave-in treatment.
Usage tips:
As a mask: Before your shampoo, leave on damp hair for 10 minutes so that the mask penetrates the hair fiber well.

As a conditioner: On towel-dried hair, apply a generous amount to the lengths and ends. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes then rinse.

Leave-in treatment: Apply a generous amount to the lengths and ends either on damp hair after your routine or on damp hair to refresh your curls.

You can also do Twists-out after applying it as a leave-in treatment.

It is ideal for frizzy hair because it directly penetrates the hair fiber and instantly nourishes it. Your hair will be soft, shiny and nourished for the long term.

+ The detangling comb hanger: Do not hesitate at this time to take your comb with wide teeth to detangle and separate the curls.


Step 3 : Hair Milk from the French brand Les Secrets de Lolys

Usage tips:

This melting milk-cream is applied to wet or dry hair to hydrate, nourish, protect and coat the hair.
Without weighing it down, it will give pep and hold to our hair!
Ideal for all hair types, it sublimates them thanks to the combination of active ingredients such as mango butter, jojoba and sweet almond oils, Aloe vera and pure jojoba proteins.

Apply the amount that suits you according to the length of your hair on the lengths only. On dry or damp hair, you decide.
Curly/Frizzy hair = Daily need for hydration and nutrition! Do not hesitate to use it as often as necessary on the lengths.

Perfect for children


  • Aloe vera vera moisturizes and nourishes the hair fiber.
  • Mango butter prevents the formation of split ends.
  • Vegetable glycerin is a humectant moisturizer that seals in moisture.
  • Vegetable jojoba oil revitalizes and makes the lengths shine.
  • Sweet almond vegetable oil softens and facilitates detangling.
  • Provitamin B5 is a fortifying, sheathing and repairing active ingredient. It makes hair shiny, supple and easy to comb.

Step 4: Aloe Vera Gel from the French brand AVRIL

Without moderation on the hair and the body to moisturize your hair daily.

Dry and dehydrated hair is particularly vulnerable to external aggressions: UV rays, wind, pollution... They are damaged and become dull. For this type of hair, it is important to restore a good level of hydration, by providing essential contributions to the cells.

Aloe Vera moisturizes and strengthens hair

Usage tips:

Daily to moisturize : Take a dab of gel in your hand, heat the material then apply it to your ends and lengths (on dry or damp hair) brush your hair.

To sanitize your scalp
(if itchy or dandruff):

Applied directly to the root of the hair, the Aloe Vera gel will act on the scalp, cleaning it up and soothing it for a long time. It can be used at night, before bed, to distill its benefits throughout the night, or just before shampooing.

A hair mask based on aloe vera :
It is possible to mix it with a vegetable oil with specific virtues, in order to target your needs, then apply it to the hair.

Integrate aloe vera into your shampoo

Your hair is dull? Although it does not have cleansing properties, you can incorporate the equivalent of a tablespoon of aloe vera into your shampoo. This action will make your hair shinier and restore shine to your hair.

Little extra: It can also be used to moisturize the body and soothe redness or sunburn.

Step 5: Avocado oil from the French brand AVRIL

Usage tips:

Applied to the ends and lengths , it hydrates, nourishes and protects against external aggressions, in particular following chemical and thermal treatments (colouring, straightening, straightening iron, hair dryer, etc.). Avocado oil deposits a protective film and slows hair deterioration.

The lubricating effect of avocado oil easily detangles the lengths. The hair is nourished, but also shiny and soft to the touch.

Applied in massage to the roots , it penetrates the hair pores and provides a moisturizing effect and desquamation to treat dandruff. Avocado oil then relieves the scalp and reduces itching. Here too, it deposits a thin film that protects and nourishes in depth.

You can also use it for your oil baths:

- Apply the oil to dry hair only on the lengths and ends, avoiding the roots.

- Wrap all the hair under a heating cap or in cellophane. A hot towel can also do the trick. The purpose of the heat is to open the scales of the hair to let the product penetrate and thus allow an in-depth treatment.

- Leave on for half an hour to two hours

- Detangle the hair using a large comb or your fingers


Prickly pear oil and Coco Soarn.

pure prickly pear and coconut vegetable oil
Usage tips:

In oil bath:

  • Apply in an oil bath (to be mixed with other vegetable oils) on dry hair from root to tip.

  • Leave 15 to 30 minutes under a heating cap. (It will probably be part of the next accessories 😉).

  • Wash your hair by applying your purifying shampoo and your Rhassoul conditioner.

To seal in hydration : Shake, pour a "small amount" in the palm of your hand then apply to your lengths to seal in hydration and tame frizz.

The Surprise accessory: The detangling comb hangs.

Very convenient to hang it on the wall or bathroom rack.

Its wide teeth are ideal for detangling while gently separating the curls when you go to apply your conditioner.

It is unbreakable unlike wooden combs.

Each of the brands that you have discovered in this box have a complete routine. Pop My Curls Paris gives you the opportunity to discover different brands and their products so that you can get an idea of ​​the products you will keep afterwards.
This hair routine was thought and designed by Pop My Curls Paris and other Curlistas.


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