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Now that you have received your personalized PopMyCurls Paris box, rest assured, we will accompany you for the use of your new routine.
Here are the steps to follow for a successful hair routine:


It gently detoxifies the scalp.
This treatment alone replaces a shampoo. It helps fight against dandruff.

Usage tips:
Aloe Vera pulp, rich in vitamins A, B6 and B9, boosts the micro-circulation of the scalp. Fleur de sel dissolves quickly and gently exfoliates, and lemon essential oil tones and purifies the skin and scalp.
Apply Scrub Detox every 15 days instead of your usual shampoo, line by line, massage in then rinse.
The scalp is purified and hydrated, for healthy and shiny hair.
The little extra: It can also be used to exfoliate the body!

Step 1 and/or 2 : The 3 in 1 treatment, the 100% natural plant AMBUNU ( False sesame).

Ambunu by Sahel Cosmétique also called "False Sesame" is a natural plant that comes straight from Chad.
It is suitable for all types of dry and dehydrated hair because its main action is to intensely hydrate your hair and facilitate detangling.
It is a natural cleansing and emollient plant that strengthens the hair, gives it shine and volume. Ambunu helps prevent scalp dryness and therefore reduces hair loss.
Ambunu contains saponins. Saponins have surfactant properties. They are therefore the ones that will allow the Ambunu leaves to foam when they come into contact with water. They thus make it possible to clean the scalp and the hair in depth without attacking them.
Directions for use: as a shampoo and conditioner.
Contrary to what is indicated on the packaging, here is what I advise you to have tested it on my curly hair 3B, fine:
Quick preparation 10 minutes:
- Use 3 tablespoons of Ambunu.
- Heat about 500ml of water in a saucepan or faster in a kettle. No need to boil it.
- Leave to stand and infuse for 10 minutes, you will see it smells of green tea.

The hot water will allow the leaves to activate and release its active ingredients.

Once you find the Sticky "Gooey" mixture as we say in English, it means that the preparation is good!
- Leave the mixture to cool.
- Use a pantyhose as a strainer or (a little trick) a milk bag to collect all the preparation and get rid of the leaves.
To note: The preparation can be used with the leaves but I prefer without to avoid putting it everywhere in the bathroom (lol).
Unlike classic natural shampoo, you can put it all over your head!
  • Section your hair in 2 or 4 then gently pour the mixture of water (lukewarm) + leaves or without the leaves on your hair.
  • Massage your scalp as usual.
  • Take the opportunity to detangle the hair with your fingers first, then use your detangling brush. Detangling is magic, in the blink of an eye your hair is detangled and hydrated at the same time.
Then 3 solutions are available to you:
  • Either you use a detangler again (not normally necessary)
  • Either you go directly to the styling stage: Nourishing Cream and Hair Gel.
  • I advise you to do a FINGER COILS to define your curls even more with your fingers.
  • Either you apply the Ambunu again without rinsing (you will bring more hydration) and apply your oil or gel to seal in the hydration.
  • And There you go!

The detangling Pop'N Brush:

Usage tips :

1- Wet your hair with water or moisturize it with a conditioning treatment.

2- Separate your hair with your fingers and begin to detangle gradually rising from the ends to the roots. Let the bristles of the brush glide gently over your curls to detangle them gently and without any pain.

3- Brush vertically to massage the scalp, reach the roots and then horizontally to detangle easily.

4- Use BOOST CURLS hair jelly, Les Secrets de Lolys on still damp hair to finish and SCRUNCH to make your curls go up!

The styling routine:

1/ Kairly Paris moisturizing styling milk .

The Curl Activating Styling Milk with 97% ingredients of natural origin is an essential treatment to sublimate and define your curls. This treatment helps to sheath the hair fiber without weighing down the hair, and provides support to the curls for easier styling.

The curls become naturally luscious again, without frizz. This milk provides the hair with nutrients without greasing it.

Directions for use: After your hair routine or mornings to refresh your curls, apply a generous amount to dry or damp hair, distribute throughout the hair and shape. Do not apply on the scalp . Work on the shape of your curls by scrunching them up and up from the tips to the roots. Do not apply to eyes and mucous membranes.

The heated cap:

This cap will allow you to carry out your hair care and to be able to penetrate your hair oils in depth and more quickly. It is ideal for low porosity hair that has trouble allowing products to penetrate. Pause time is halved.


How to use it?

- Apply your linseed oil, oil bath or mask to damp hair.
- Tie your hair up.
- Attach your hat securely to your head with the elastics.
- Insert your hair dryer into the nozzle. Allow to heat for 5 to 10 minutes. And There you go.

To seal in hydration or in an oil bath: Linseed oil.

Linseed oil has long been banned on French soil, but since 2009, this is over. Today, it is even acclaimed for its many health benefits, but also for its cosmetic benefits. Indeed, you should know that flax comes from the Latin linire, which means to soften.

1. It moisturizes the hair: Using flaxseed oil will then allow you to hydrate them deeply. By retaining water in the cells of your scalp, flaxseed oil regulates and rebalances sebum production.
2. It has a protective and repairing effect : After having deeply hydrated your hair, the omega-3 and vitamins B and E contained in linseed oil will help protect and strengthen the sheath of your hair.
Thus, by filling in the gaps, this oil will protect your hair from external aggressions. Say goodbye to split ends: you will find thicker, softer and shinier hair. Ideal for sensitive, fine or damaged hair! Say goodbye to split ends: apply a few drops of linseed oil to your hair from the lengths to the ends.
3. It provides discipline and shine: Flaxseed oil also helps control frizz and discipline curly hair. You can mix a few drops with your shampoo or use it as a leave-in hair oil to regain suppleness and shine.
It smoothes the scales of the hair and defines the curls while fighting against frizz.

4. It promotes hair regrowth: Vitamin E, combined with omega 3 and 6, helps slow hair loss and promote hair regrowth. Indeed, flaxseed oil stimulates the micro-circulation of the scalp and therefore helps to keep hair healthy and slow down hair loss. You can directly apply organic flaxseed oil and gently massage the scalp to stimulate microcirculation.

How to use flaxseed oil on hair?

There are many other ways to use flaxseed oil to improve the health of your hair! Indeed, this oil can be used daily, for your hair or as a repair mask.

  • In daily care : mix one to two drops of linseed oil directly with your shampoo when washing your hair;
  • To style your hair : spread a small amount of oil over the length and ends, massaging gently. Linseed oil can also be used as a leave-in moisturizer!
  • An oil bath : a hair mask to be made every 2 weeks to nourish, moisturize and protect your hair. Nothing could be simpler: coat your hair with linseed oil and leave on for a minimum of 3 hours. To speed up the process, you can wrap your hair in a hot towel. Rinse your hair, apply your usual shampoo, and voila!

You can also combine it with other vegetable and essential oils to make a hair mask to leave on for about 5 minutes before your shampoo. Among these oils, we find castor oil (to nourish and coat the hair fiber ) or even Ylang Ylang essential oil (to revive dull hair).

Each of the brands that you have discovered in this box have a complete routine. Pop My Curls Paris gives you the opportunity to discover different brands and their products so that you can get an idea of ​​the products you will keep afterwards.
This hair routine was thought and designed by Pop My Curls Paris and other Curlistas.

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